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Original Price:$500.00
Condition:Used Once



Description and details

Selling 3 sizes of glass vases used once for our wedding centrepieces. Held water, floating flowers and floating candles. The medium size wasn't even used since the hall made a mistake on our centrepieces. The other two sizes have been cleaned and look unused.

Bought wholesale for less than retail and we're selling them for even less! All of them are 4" in diameter. The glass is thick, not thin like a lot of the ones I saw in my searches.

15 of the largest size - 16" - $9 each (total $135)
24 of the medium size - 12" - $7 each (total $168)
29 of the smallest size - 8" - $5 each (total $145)

If you purchase all the vases together I will give them to you for $400 even instead of the $448 it adds up to.

I also have 36 unused Yummi votive candles left over (12 x 3 pack). We bought them wholesale for 2.75 a pack, but we'll sell them for $2 a pack. Much less than the retail price.